ClassJuggler helps your athletics school run in top form

How ClassJuggler slims down record keeping for athletics schools:

  • One low monthly subscription fee, no setup fees, no upgrade fees!
  • Be up and running in minutes with our startup wizard!
  • Grow your business capabilities with tons of features, including online class scheduling, billing, instructor management, reporting, and more!
  • Get special discounts—Save more with multi-location discounts, franchise membership discounts, or "switcher" discount for moving from a competing product!
  • Mac and PC compatible!
  • Access from anywhere!
  • Free e-mail online and telephone support included!
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ClassJuggler's athletics management platform is designed to support the unique business needs of those who own and operate athletics schools, fitness clubs, tennis schools, spinning, yoga, and any other business type that manages classes, customers, and students.

Here is just a partial list of ClassJuggler features and capabilities that makes ClassJuggler a leading class management and business management solution for so many swim training programs:

  • No startup costs
  • Low monthly fees
  • Easy to use online environment
  • Robust and fully searchable help tools
  • No-cost upgrades and maintenance
  • No software to install
  • Work from any PC anywhere
  • Comprehensive business management capabilities
  • Accept credit card payment for classes
  • Assessment tracking tools
  • Easily manage student records and customer records
  • Manage and schedule instructors, staff, and trainers
  • Perform in-depth reporting with ease
  • Manage customers and recurring bills and membership fees
  • Manage thousands of customer records
  • Fast search tools to get to customer data fast
  • Track primary and secondary customer contact information
  • Create charges, credits, refunds, and record payments
  • Manage and print detailed account activity statements
  • Manage and print invoice statements
  • Built-in financial bookkeeping management tools
  • Robust and 100% mobile-friendly Customer Portal
  • Unlimited customer support by e-mail and phone